Our story in the elements.

Born in Southern California

Established in 2015, 7elements was founded to provide convenient and worthwhile solutions for work-life harmony that honor today’s generation. Working professionals are spending more time sitting down than ever before, and they are experiencing issues like low back pain, work-related stress, and employee burnout.


Work-life harmony for today’s generation

Core Values

Inspired by Ayurveda and eastern medicine, we draw upon 7elements to round out our human minds and bodies. Sitting at a desk gets us stuck in our head—only using the element of thought. Work-life balance is an achievable lifestyle when we generate the potential from all our energy sources.

  1. Earth - roots and foundation

  2. Water - fluidity and adaptability

  3. Fire - decisiveness and ambition

  4. Space - capacity and boundaries

  5. Sound - honesty and integrity

  6. Light - intuition and creativity

  7. Thought - the space between imagination and deed

Our classes integrate these elements to stimulate and inspire the human experience within a community centered around well being. This sense of community gives rise to productive energy that contributes to innovation, happiness, and overall job satisfaction. Experience a class onsite at your office today.

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Seven elements are at the root of our energy.