Founder and SoCal native Meghann Staff spent her life immersed in a culture of wellness. In 2012, work-related stress and her love for the practice compelled Meghann to enroll in CorePower's Teacher Training program to figure out why yoga made her feel so good.  

As it turned out, Meghann developed a natural knack for teaching. She has since completed 500+ hours of training, and 3500+ teaching hours to over 25,000 people across Orange County. She has held various titles like Senior Instructor, Guest Lecturer, and Lead Programs Coach for 13 yoga training programs.


As Meghann's clientele moved out of the studio and into the corporate world, she knew there was a place for yoga and wellness in the office. The workforce is overrun with jobs that contribute to a sedentary lifestyle due to sitting for long periods during the workweek.