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meghann staff

Founder & President

Teaching mission: to communicate tools for balance in body, mind, and life!

  • Formats: Power yoga (levels 1-3), hot yoga, yoga sculpt, yin yoga

  • Favorite yoga pose: Revolved half moon because it requires equal amounts of strength and flexibility!

  • Song I can't stop jamming out to right now: Motion by Emotional Oranges


aaron bui


Teaching mission: to get you breathing, moving functionally, and feeling good

  • Formats: Yoga, Strength Training, Cardio Circuit Training, Personal Training

  • Favorite yoga pose: Savasana, it gives me a space for stillness, relaxation, and letting go

  • Song I can't stop jamming out to right now: Glass Animals - Black Mambo


chris henry


Teaching mission: to engage the connection of body to mind using yoga asana and conscious breathing

  • Formats : Vinyasa yoga, hatha yoga, hot yoga

  • Favorite yoga pose: Triangle pose because it activates every system focusing my effort throughout my whole body

  • Song I can't stop jamming out to right now: Provider by Frank Ocean

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angie banuelos


Teaching mission: to heal. to grow. to love. 

  • Formats: power vinyasa. hot yoga. gentle yoga. restorative yoga. prenatal yoga. 

  • Cherished yoga pose: Legs Up the Wall - it’s grounding and allows my entire body to release and relax. 

  • Song I can't stop jamming out to right now: equal parts The Middle by Maren Morris, My House by Flo Rida, & Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen


anthony fernandez


Teaching mission: to share the balance, strength, mobility, and clarity of mind that yoga has provided me with others

  • Formats: Vinyasa Flow, Gentle Stretch Yoga, Yoga For Athletes, Gentle Yin Yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Body Sculpt, HIIT Power Circuit

  • Favorite yoga pose: Hands on the ground and feet in the air. As of recently, it has to be handstand! Catch me on my mat trying this pose out that challenges perception, balance, coordination and strength all at the same time

  • Song I can't stop jamming out to right now: Sing to you by John Splithoff