mindful eating for busy professionals

Make wellness-related practices a consistent habit with private and group seminars on nutrition. Topics promote mindful eating and offer practical tips for people in the corporate environment. Sessions include supplemental and take-home materials. 

guided meditation for stress management

Progress your mind with onsite guided meditation classes. Let go of stress, recharge and energize, and explore balance. All you need is a quiet space.


Meditation is not necessarily about concentration or clearing the mind. It is about expanded awareness and embracing the fullness of the present moment. It is about resting in the simplicity of your own being. Breathing exercises and mudras are incorporated into the practice to help you get grounded and achieve a meditative state.


Workday naptime? Sort of. Yoga Nidra (‘yogic sleep’) is a meditation/relaxation experience that takes you to brainwave states similar to those in deep sleep. Disengage from compulsive thoughts and become more receptive to abiding peace. Regular practice improves your physical and mental health and works to diminish stress.


Immerse yourself in an ocean of sound, as the sound waves of the singing bowls and gongs ripple through your body. Sound travels 4.3 times more efficiently through water than air, and the human body is generally 70% water. Consequently, vibrational sound can be a highly efficient method for total body stimulation, especially at the cellular level.

It’s like receiving an internal massage.