Work functions that work out for your fitness goals.


Onsite fitness frees up your after-work gym time for family, friends, or happy hour. Mix weekly exercise into your work routine in a format that only requires your mat and athletic shoes. There’s an experience for every age, level, and set of goals.

Body Sculpt

EXPECT  a dynamic, sequenced workout set to fun music that uses bodyweight resistance and interval training to encourage overall strength and endurance; begin with a warm-up series to prepare the body for exercise and end with a cool-down series to aid in post-workout recovery.

WHO   any level of practitioner who desires a comprehensive head-to-toe practice for body and mind; shoulder health recommended


  • orchestrated sequence works all major muscle groups

  • high intensity intervals enhance cardiovascular endurance

  • exercises use bodyweight to stabilize, tone, and sculpt the entire body

Mat Pilates

EXPECT  a core-based mat workout centered entirely around the muscles that support and stabilize the spine; works the entire abdominal wall and supportive muscle groups; uses equipment like exercise ring and yoga blocks

WHO   workout enthusiasts with the goal of overall core strength; supports other exercise regimens


  • adds major strength to abdominals, obliques, and spinal erector muscle groups

  • resistance exercise ring brings a new challenge to traditional ab exercises

  • muscle confusion helps break up plateaus and eliminate exercise boredom

Resist the Burn

EXPECT a band-based full body workout of resistance band exercises; update your regimen by adding the element of challenging muscle confusion; begin with a warm-up series to prepare the body for exercise and end with a cool-down series to aid in post-workout recovery

WHO all levels and fitness backgrounds; bands vary in resistance strength so you can make it as hard or mild as you like


  • develops comprehensive strength and quick results over continued workouts

  • updates your typical exercise by swapping the free weights for a different and challenging force of resistance

  • addresses range of motion and stability in all major joints of the body

Looking for a specific exercise class, but don't know any instructors?

We can help! Let us scout the teacher and use our expertise to verify their background and qualifications. Contact our concierge for assistance.