Corporate Wellness


We represent a vast network of the industry’s leading professionals in many health and wellness areas including but not limited to:

nutrition for busy professionals

Make wellness-related practices a consistent habit with private and group seminars on nutrition. Topics promote mindful eating and offer practical tips for people in the corporate environment. Sessions include supplemental and take-home materials. 

Life Coaching

It’s no secret that prolonged screen time takes a serious toll on our health. Not to mention all that time you spend in your car on the commute to and from work.

Discover great practices that you can implement immediately to manage the routines associated with daily life. Group seminars develop and motivate an accountable community that’s committed to health and well being. One-on-one sessions assist busy executives and save time with onsite private coaching.


Our licensed chiropractors specialize in treating the common conditions found in busy office settings like stiff necks, tight shoulders, and lower back issues. All equipment is provided, and we use the latest innovations designed specifically for spine and joint health.

meditation & stress management

Progress your mind with onsite guided meditation classes. Shed stress, recharge, balance—all you need is a quiet space. There are many effective ways to meditate, and we offer an experience for the beginner up or most mindful enthusiast.

Trauma-informed Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is one of the fastest-growing methods to combat PTSD associated with many tragic circumstances that affect our population. Yoga therapists receive specialized training to help individuals and populations cope with injury, abuse, tragedy, and more.