Conference room turned yoga studio.


Bust stress and stretch out by doing yoga right at your workplace. From low to high impact classes, yoga is our specialty and all you need is your mat. We design a yoga experience for every age, ability, and desired goal. Each format offers unique benefits and well being for body and mind.

Vinyasa Flow

EXPECT power yoga poses that use body weight resistance to build overall strength and flexibility; breathing practices (pranayama) that promote oxygenation of the cardiovascular organs

WHO any level of practitioner who desires a comprehensive head-to-toe practice for body and mind; shoulder health recommended


  • promotes strength, stamina, physical balance, and overall well being

  • reduces stress and anxiety

  • complements most higher-impact fitness routines

Gentle Stretch

EXPECT a sequence that undoes the effects of long periods of stagnant sitting; address tight necks, shoulders, and lower backs with an emphasis on letting go of stress

WHO any level of practitioner who desires low-impact, flowing movements coupled with deep breathing exercises


  • promotes useful range of motion in the body

  • improves balance and concentration

  • relieves stiffness in the neck and shoulders

Yin Yoga

EXPECT deeply relaxing sequences that feature the meditative aspect; nicknamed “slow-ga” after seated and supine poses with long hold times and supportive props

WHO any level of practitioner; those who are prone to or already experience stress and depression; particularly beneficial for injuries in the shoulder, hip or knee


Power Yoga Sculpt

EXPECT a dynamic yoga workout that combines the strengthening and lengthening benefits of power yoga; use bodyweight stability to develop a strong core, upper and lower body

WHO athletes of any sport or background; gym-lovers who to blend the benefits of yoga and strength training; shoulder health recommended


  • strengthen the entire body from head to toe

  • enhance lung capacity and increase endurance

  • build a satisfying sweat from the convenience of your mat

Yoga for Athletes

EXPECT sequences geared around the biomechanics of sport by coupling strength and body weight resistance with lengthening stretches

WHO athletes of all backgrounds


  • localized attention to the sport & position of the athletes

  • aid for a shorter recovery period

  • custom sequences that complement your team's training regimen

  • overall stability among the major muscle groups

We offer seasonal and annual yoga curriculums for athletes of any sport, position, and background. Our goal is to minimize injury so athletes can compete at their highest potential. Contact us for information on how to set up your athletes for a successful season.