Customize the perfect class schedule for your group. From low to high impact classes, we offer a yoga experience for every age, level, and ability. 

Vinyasa Flow

EXPECT power yoga poses that use body weight resistance to build overall strength and flexibility; breathing practices (pranayama) that promote oxygenation of the cardiovascular organs

WHO any level of practitioner who desires a comprehensive head-to-toe practice for body and mind; shoulder health recommended


  • promote strength, stamina, physical balance, and overall well being
  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • develop overall strength
  • enhance lung capacity

Gentle Hatha Yoga

EXPECT a sequence of traditional standing and mat-based postures that align the spine and stabilize the muscles around the hips and low back

WHO any level of practitioner; excellent sequence for injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip or knee joints


  • promote spinal alignment
  • encourage circulation to the joints and organ systems
  • improve physical balance and mental focus
  • master the basic postures

Gentle Yin

EXPECT relaxing postures that feature the meditative aspect; seated and supine poses with longer holds and supportive props

WHO any level of practitioner; those who are prone to or already experience stress and depression; particularly beneficial for injuries in the shoulder, hip or knee


  • create immediate practices that reduce stress and anxiety
  • slow the production of cortisol and manage lower back issues
  • curb leaves of absence due to stress-related illness and injury

Yoga Sculpt

EXPECT a dynamic, flow practice that combines light hand weights with the strengthening and lengthening benefits of power yoga poses; promotes a strong core to facilitate supportive balance for the entire physique

WHO athletes of any sport or background; gym-lovers who to blend the benefits of yoga and strength training; shoulder health recommended


  • build overall body strength
  • enhance lung capacity
  • promote balanced stability and mobility in the major joints of the body including the shoulder and knee joints

Yoga for Athletes

EXPECT sequences geared around the biomechanics of sport by coupling strength and body weight resistance with lengthening stretches

WHO athletes of all backgrounds


  • enhancement of player capacity
  • aid for a shorter recovery period
  • custom sequences that complement your team's training regimen
  • overall stability among the major muscle groups

We offer seasonal yoga curriculums for athletes of any sport, position, needs, benefits sought, and injury prevention. Contact us for information on how to set up your athletes for a successful season.