What is yoga?

Yoga is the process of reducing fluctuations in the mind. Although its emergence dates back thousands of years, yoga has truly evolved with the modern world, giving us a model to unite energy from our physical, mental, and spiritual elements.

What are the seven elements?

All humans understand the physical elements that direct the energy on our planet: 

  1. Earth

  2. Water

  3. Fire

  4. Air/Ether

  5. Sound

  6. Light

  7. Thought

Yoga poses teach us to harness these energies and integrate them in a way that balances our bodies and minds. When we achieve this, our 7th element of individual free thought can work at its highest potential.

I am not flexible. Can I still do yoga?

We can’t think of a better reason to begin! We teach many formats that benefit any body of any background from novice to advanced practices. Formats vary based upon desired benefits and experience. Hatha Spine Series is a shoulder-friendly practice that focuses on alignment in the vertabra. Gentle Stretch is a meditative practice geared towards well-being for persons experiencing low back pain, job-related stress, and anxiety. Power'Nyasa promotes flexibility, strength and endurance, and reduces the overall likelihood of injury in the aging process--making it very beneficial for athletes. There is a class for everyone!

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga harmonizes the flow of energy throughout the body through mindful movements that capture your attention and teach you to be present. A consistent practice can help increase your focus, inspire creativity, and help alleviate stress.

how does yoga enhance my health and well being?

There is scientific research currently in progress to discover all the tangible benefits of yoga. Regular practitioners often discover balance between work and life by allowing time for their minds to rest from an otherwise busy existence. Our students attest to a number of benefits including, but not limited to, stress management, lower back relief, increased range of motion in joints, core strength, enhanced focus, and a sense of universal purpose.

What is Hatha yoga?

While many mistake yoga for a religion, it is actually just a very old philosophy. Hatha yoga is a recent branch of physical practice within a structured sequence of postures (asanas) to alleviate energy blockages and assist in the fluent flow of energy. Prevalent examples of hatha yoga include vinyasa flow, hot, yin restorative, and ashtanga.